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Master your finances and money mindset and live the life you desire

Welcome to my personal blog. I'm Sarah. A Chartered Financial Planner, Financial Coach and Educator. I want to help you learn about money in simple terms without the jargon and without feeling overwhelmed. Finance doesn't have to be complicated. It is often made to seem complicated but it doesn't have to be. I want to share with you my experiences in financial services as well as guidance and tips on mastering your finances and money mindset. I also want to share the highs and lows of setting up a business as well as my own personal journey and the steps I have taken to increase my own well-being.


You can find out more about my mission here. I truly believe that we should lift each other up and that everyone should have access to the support and resources needed to increase their well-being. I hope that by sharing my own journey and through offering tips and guidance, I can help you improve your own well-being.

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Money Confidence Podcast

The podcast that helps you get to grips with money in a fun and simple way. We talk all things money from investments, pensions and benefits to your mindset around money and steps we can take to improve your relationship with money. Together, we've got this!

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